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Course Design Services

Gina is a certified doula (DONA), certified lactation counselor, certified pediatric sleep consultant, and is certified in perinatal mental health. She serves birthing families in person as well as folks everywhere with thriving digital courses and communities. Her goal is to make parent life beautiful for the families she supports!

Before birth work, Gina was an instructional designer creating courses, assessments, and digital materials in the public education realm. Now she supports birth workers and other providers in the parenting support space by designing their dream digital offerings that allow them to increase their income and reach without increasing their work hours!

Gina holds a masters degree in Instructional Design and Diversity Education from Nova Southeastern University.

  • Creating resources your clients will value highly
  • Major passive income potential
  • Project proposal with hours and estimated porject completion dates
  • Assistance with selecting a learning management system
  • Organizing content in your course
  • Assistance with creating other digital resources
  • Constant contact during the project timeline for feedback
  • Allows you to broaden your reach and standout as an expert in your realm!