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Wondering how to own your birth experience? Seeking to make choices in your care? Wanting a guide on your birthing journey? Gina is a DONA International certified doula and provides comprehensive Birth Doula service beginning at any point in pregnancy and into the early postpartum weeks.

The Birth Doula service is designed for any birthing person who wants to be educated and empowered throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.

Remaining Birth Doula Availability as of May 2, 2023

September: 2
October: 1
November: 1
December: 1 (early December)
January: 2

  • Unlimited access to in-person Blossom Motherhood Group events
  • Monthly prenatal meetings
  • Private client-only online community
  • Quarterly group prenatal meetings featuring expert guests
  • Structured prenatal wellness plan and workbook
  • Flourish: Birth Education Course included
  • Access to an extensive lending library
  • Client resource folder and local referral list
  • Perinatal mental health support
  • Certified lactation counselor (CLC) support
  • Gentle certified pediatric sleep educator support
  • On call beginning at week 38
  • Continuous labor support and use of comfort measures
  • Remaining with you two hours after birth
  • 4 hours of postpartum visits in your home
  • Discount on Bloom: Postpartum Wellness Method membership
  • Letter for insurance reimbursement claim provided
  • HSA/FSA Accepted